Monday, 15 April 2013

Spring has finally sprung!!!

Some gorgeous Spring flowers/shoots, from our front garden! Now, add the sound of bird song (blackbird, blue tit & sparrow) and warmth of the sun! I wish I could tape the bird song; it is so magical and so relaxing :)


Spring has finally sprung-ish !!! We have had some sunshine, and warm temps, but the pesky wind is spoiling things. My poor daffs are getting wrecked. I've rescued a fair few, for my vase.

Here are my latest chooky treasures! I like to think of them as free-ranging on my window sill :) The large chicken is Mr Weebles Corn-Fed, and the yellow chap is Mr Herbert Butter-top, both named by my wonderful DH!

I hope everyone is happy, well and having a lovely day :)