Friday, 27 June 2014

Another 2 WIPs!

OK, so this post is mainly to try and shame myself into completing my many outstanding WIPs. I'm rather dreadful, as while I'm working on something (and usually it is about 70 90% finished) I will go off on a tangent, and start something new... Here are my two current ones!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

New cluck in the coop!

I am delighted to introduce Ms Violette Featherington! She is a cluck, who likes the finer things in life, pearls, silk, and fine dining! Only the best mealworms, and the choicest corn,will do!
She is a lavender Orpington. Very like a gorgeous real-life hen, called Violet! After seeing a photo of violet, I decided I simply must capture her essence in yarn…
I raided my stash for the perfect yarn(I knew she would be lilac, with a pinky comb. And be very lady-like, too!
Here she is!!! Started on Wednesday evening, finished yesterday. I just free-formed her.
I think she turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself! 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Clarice dines al fresco!

As it was a glorious sunny summer's day, the kind I have only ever experienced in dear old England, DH & I decided to visit our local wildlife reserve. We are lifelong members, and go as often as we can.
Well, guess who else decided to grace us with her presence... none other than Clarice Chocolate Noisette, woolly cluck and super model extraordinaire!!!

She had been shopping in the exclusive Maison Roselle, a boutique especially for woolly clucks. All the clucks shop there, and Opal recommended the Petite Poule range, a bespoke line for the more dainty cluck. As it is getting rather too warm for a woolly bonnet, Clarice commissioned a damask one. She loves it, and wanted to go out, and show it off!

So, after lunch, we all got into the car, and off we went. As well as showing off her bonnet, Clarice had also been told by both Opal and Blossom, about the bug-a-la-carte menu. And being a chicken, she likes nothing more than munching on yummy bugs, the more diverse the better.

I soaked up the rays, DH took lots of pics, and Clarice pecked and scratched around to her heart's content! Not a leaf or flower was left untouched. She pecked at logs, cast a beady eye over all the shrubs and flowers, rummaged in the grass, and the piece de resistance was the bug garden! It was full of bug hotels and lots of species of nectar rich plants, to attract the maximum amount of insects. She even played "pooh-sticks" in a little stream, with Brian!

Then, on the way out, we stopped in the gift shop, and met Adam! He works on the till, and immediately exclaimed over how cute Clarice is! And he knew she is crocheted!!! Not only that, but he loves crochet, and showed us a hat he has made! He even let Clarice try it on, and posed for a pic with her :) I think, Clarice is quite smitten with him, as a pal! She bought a kingfisher pin, as a momento, of her grand day out.