Halloween 2014

Well now, woolly clucks are as unpredictable, as us humans! You would think, with it being Halloween, the clucks would have had their usual Halloween do... but not so.

Tristan wasn't even home!!!! He was away, doing a gig with his heavy metal band Entrails, at the exclusive and rather avant garde, club, Oozing giblets

So, his GF Cecily was rather miffed, to start with. She had intended to go with Blossom and a few other pals, to see the new block-buster cluck movie, Olivia rises again (another riveting part in the saga of Revenge of the rotisserie). The clucks go every year, to see one of the instalments! Honestly, it has more parts than Friday the 13th!!! LOL!

But, shock! Horror!!! The film was cancelled!!! Apparently the producer, Alfred Cluckenberg, had refused to pay extra corn, to the stars!!! So they all walked out! Production is on hold; indefinitely. So, that caused a few ruffled feathers.
As it turned out, Cecily decided to go and have an evening of pampering, in the newly opened spa The mud patch. She wanted to try a new type dust bath, with sand from the Sahara! Very exotic.

That left Blossom and Clarice, who decided to come with DH & I, on an owling adventure :) We all had great fun.

Clarice, in the night...in the dark....

Blossom...er ditto! (doesn't quite have the same ring to it!)

Foul fiendish foliage....or is that a bit too much?!
Enveloped in ghostly limbs... yes, I know it's just the branches of a bush, but I'm trying to create some atmosphere!

          The path into the forest started off dark, and the deeper we went the darker it got.....                                                              
Just add the howling of  the wind, and hooting of owls....

And the crack of a twig... as it is stepped on...
Caught in the beam of my head-torch! No, they were not impressed
Bug hunting!
A ghostly larch...

Apart from the light, from our head torches, the forest was pitch dark... everything looked very eerie and spectral... the whole forest was alive with sounds.... the howl of the wind, the rustle of the leaves, and the hooting of tawny owls. 
I don't mind saying, I was rather scared. After all, it was a perfect horror movie set-up! A couple, (and two woolly clucks) all alone, in the dark dark forest...We even stopped off in a real graveyard, on the way home...

Erm... do you think we might find a tasty scarab beetle or two?!

I very much doubt that, it's the wrong country, for a start!

What's a cluck go to do, to get a beetle around here?!

All sleeping soundly, I hope....

Path into the unknown...OK! I lie, we have been here in the daylight, and it is lovely! Very serene and peaceful :)

After we got home, who should we find in the garden, having a romantic bug hunt e duex... none other than Tristan & Cecily!!! It turns out, the gig was cancelled, at the last minuet.
Hey! Stop shining that torch in my face!

An eerie glowing cluck....oh, sorry, it's just Cecily!

I'm sure I saw a spider...

Sorry Tristan! I got to it first! 

So, all's well, that ends well :) Especially, if it ends with road-kill jelly.....yum!
The clucks, guarding the jelly!

Mmmmmm.... roadkillolicious....