Meet the woolly clucks!

For those of you who don't yet know me, and so have not yet met my wonderful family of woolly clucks (I'm MAD about chickens, in any shape and form), I figured, an introduction is in order....

It all started, way back in 2011. I have a lovely group (or as I prefer to think of it; a virtual coop!) on ravelry, called cluck! cluck! feathers & yarn! For folk, who love chickens, crafting and of course yarn! So, as a bit of fun, I thought we should have a "cluck-along" (a CAL/KAL). We  all voted on one kitting and one crochet pattern, set a date, and the rest as they say, is history :)

It had been a dull, cold and above all a LONG winter, and I was in dire need of a boost of colour. So, I raided my stash, and tweeded together one super bright variegated yarn, with a dk purple one.
The result was my "Antidote to the Darkness of Winter" a.k.a Miss Cecily Cluckington!
A couple of days later, she was joined by a Mr Tristan New-Egg (her boyfriend, made from yarn left-over from a sweater I crocheted for DH).

I started to write about these clucks. They love nothing more that going out, bug hunting in the garden; and having a jolly good dust-bath! Well, yes, I know they are woolly, but a chicken is a chicken! And chickens love dust bathing and eating bugs!

To my utter surprise and delight, folk enjoyed my little posts about the clucks! So, they got their own thread on my group on rav. The more feed-back I got, the more I posted.

Then everyone kept saying how much they would LOVE to actually meet Tris & Ces! But, they are rather large and heavy to post, so guess what.... a darling little Bantam, called Miss Blossom Bright Feather arrived in the coop next door!!! She and Ces are BFFs.
Blossom, it so happens, is the PERFECT size to post around the world, and since she was hatched abroad (in china) already had a passport....

Cecily has the purple comb and a pierced beak, Tristan has a bright green comb, it too is pierced... Blossom is small cluck, with a lovely dk red comb. The last pic shows her in her travel coop, ready to fly to the USA!


  1. I JUST LOVE your chickens/roosters!!!! PLEASE let me know if you are selling the patterns!!! <3 Patti

  2. Hi Patti! Thank you :) I haven't written a pattern for these yet, but hope to, once I get round to it. Been rather side-tracked, with my pattern writing/poor health! xxx

  3. Hi! I love your wooly clucks and your Rav group. Just finishing up making your Ruffled hen from the pattern I purchased last week, she is just so cute. Will post her on Rav when she is finished. <3 Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much! I can't wait to meet your little hen, I'm sure she will be adorable :) I hope you enjoyed making her, hugs xxx