Mr Septimus Velvet- Comb Esq

Meet Septimus Velvet-Comb! He and Squawks are engaged to be married!!!!!!! They met at a fundraiser, at the Soft Feather refuge (where Squawks works). He was the chief guest! 
Septimus is the grandson of Lord Velvet-Comb! (The Velvet-Combs are an old, and respected chicken family!). His mum Ophelia was a society beauty in her day! As well as wining many awards, she has graced the covers of many a reputable poultry magazine! 
She thinks Squawks will make a lovely daughter-in law! His great aunt Muriel, however, does not approve of the match! She thinks squawks is not “appropriate”!!!!!!!!!(LOL! As Septimus says” If she had it her way, we’d all be in-bred!). 
Squawks is head over heels in love! She says septimus has a noble bearing, and a very distinguished pair of wattles! He loves her delicate comb and neat wattles! Says, they are very refined and lady-like! They are a match made in heaven!
And the chicks love him too! 
After putting the chicks to bed, they like nothing more, than to sit quietly, and tenderly preen each other!

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