Sunday, 27 October 2013


Ok, so now you can see why I'm currently on a cute but creepy roll! LOL! With this neat set up (well I think it is!) it's kind of to be expected : ) Our dining room and living room, are currently being given a cool atmosphere, courtesy of Miss Puffball spinny, and our cute pumpkin lights e.t.c! It makes for a lovely cosy feel on a blustery autumn evening.

My latest creepy but cute cosy! Hiding under it, is my spotty green teapot!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My first ever free pattern!

To celebrate Halloween, and spread the fun, I have decided to post my first ever free crochet pattern! I hope you enjoy making it.

Gothic Halloween Coffin Coaster

Small amount of black yarn (15g approx)
Small amount of green yarn for cross (optional)
5mm crochet hook
Bodkin/blunt yarn needle.

Method (always Ch 1, and turn, before each new row, this ch does not count as a st)

Row 1:-Ch 7, sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in each chain. Ch 1, turn 6sc.
Row 2:- 2 sc in first st, sc in each st till last st, 2 sc in last st. Ch 1, turn. 8sc
Row 3:- Repeat row 2. 10 sc
Row 4:- Repeat row 2. 12 sc.
Row 5:- Repeat row 2. 14 sc.
Row 6:- Sc in each st across. 14 sc.
Row 7:- Sc 2 tog over first 2sts, sc in each st till last 2 sts. Sc 2 tog, over last 2 sts. Ch 1, turn. 12 sc
Row 8-9:- Sc in each st across. 12 sc.
Row 10:- Sc 2 tog over first 2sts, sc in each st, till last 2 sts. Sc 2 tog over last 2 sts. Ch 1, turn. 10 sts.
Row 11-14::- Sc in each st across. 10sc
Row 15:- Sc 2 tog over first 2sts, sc in each st, till last 2 sts. Sc 2 tog over last 2sts. Ch 1, turn. 8 sc.
Row 16-18:- Sc in each st across. 8sc.
Row 19:- Sc 2 tog, over first two sts, sc in each st till last 2 sts. Sc 2 tog over last 2 sts. 6sc.
Row 20-22:- Sc in each st across. Mark each corner st. Two on the bottom edge, two on the top, not the sides. When you do the edging, sl st or rev sc 3 in each corner st, to give a square edge.

Slip st or reverse sc around the edge neatly. For the cross, ch 10, fasten off, leave long end for sewing. Ch 6, fasten off. Leave long end for sewing. Sew on according to pic.

Enjoy your coaster! This pattern is for personal use only. You are free to down load it, but please do not reproduce it in whole or part, anywhere else, without my permission. Items made using it may be given as gifts but not sold. Please respect this request. Thank you.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Halloween is nearly here...

I'm really getting in to the spirit of Halloween! LOL! I've even pretty much finished decorating the house, even though DH thinks it is far too early ; ) And, I might add, it looks GREAT! The perfect antidote to this dreadful weather.

Here is my latest creation, the little house of horror! I started it last Monday, and finished it yesterday :) LOL! I had great fun crocheting the whole thing : D

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Happy October to everyone!

Of course, now, my thoughts are starting to turn towards Halloween!! LOL! I love it; as much as Christmas. We always have a party and I just love decorating the house, and making all the gruesome food ;)

Here is my start to the celebrations, made from stash yarn, so I'm being a good girl! LOL! Yeah right... ;)

Another pumpkin!

My owls, all ready to go trick or treating!!!