Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Happy October to everyone!

Of course, now, my thoughts are starting to turn towards Halloween!! LOL! I love it; as much as Christmas. We always have a party and I just love decorating the house, and making all the gruesome food ;)

Here is my start to the celebrations, made from stash yarn, so I'm being a good girl! LOL! Yeah right... ;)

Another pumpkin!

My owls, all ready to go trick or treating!!!


  1. Perfect cozy, spiders and all :)

  2. Thank you! I smile every time I look at it! It has a cvertain attitude, ! LOL! A good lesson for me :)

  3. Hey, and now I have it's cousin!!! LOL

  4. You sure do! You are welcome to come and visit any time! :D

    1. And we'll have tea and cakes and lots of buttered muffins with strawberry jam LOL
      DS just sent me a box of Turkish tea, got it in Istambul on his hitchhiking trip, yum!!!

    2. Oh yes! That sounds FAB!!! It's a date! LOL! How lovely! My friend once got us some apple tea from Turkey. Apparently it is not really tea, more of a beverage! But it was delicious :)