Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hunting the wild, hairy, and above all, elusive Haggis...

Good evening dear readers,

Now, you may or may not know, tonight is Burn's night. It is a night on which the Scots traditionally eat neeps (turnips)  and tatties (potatoes) and of course, the wee chieftain 'o' puddins...the haggis (plus a wee dram of whisky!).

The woolly clucks, have heard tell, of tales of the haggis...a wild, hairy and elusive wee beastie!!! Well it was the one question everyone asked the clucks, during their time in bonny Scotland " Have you ever seen a wild haggis"? This was always followed by a big grin and a wink, though the clucks never knew why, they just assumed it's a "Scottish thing" and left it at that.

So, the clucks decided, they needed to go and find one. And what could be a more auspicious occasion, than Burns night....

Tristan is currently on tour with his Heavy Metal band Entrails, and so Cecily his beloved is rather at a loose end. Blossom has been feeling really bored and cooped up all day, and Clarice, well, she never turns her beak up at a potential adventure!

So, off into the garden they trooped! Trees were climbed, the horizon glared at, plant-pots were dug in, even the bug box and compost bag on the deck was inspected; but alas, all in vain....not one place even yielded a whisker of a haggis...
Blossom, in the viburnum bush, scouring the that a haggis flying past? No! it's a jackdaw!
A you in there, wee haggis?!
Clarice, looking in Lonicera!
No! He's not in the cherry tree...
Er, Blossom, that's Brian's wood-pile!!!

No, he's not in the compost, but I see a yummy worm!
Right! That's it! He must be in the bug box!!!
I shall charm him out, by playing the bagpipes...

Now, between you and me, I just haven't got the heart, to tell the poor clucks, that a haggis is a sheep's stomach, stuffed with offal, and barley and herbs....LOL!

A wee Hairy Hamish, on the other hand, is something to look for! ;)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015