All the Clarices (& one Clarence) in the world!

Here is a gorgeous Aussie Clarice!
Photo: Here is Clarence- I pimped the design a little to make a Peacock! He is happy here in Dorset where there is plenty of wildlife to admire his plummage. x
Clarence a peacock!
               A Claice meeting Hetty!
Photo: Another version of Clarice the chicken. Rock on!
A punk Clarice!
Photo: Here's another picture of Archibald and Penelope Cluckerstein that The Crochet Fairy made.
Mr & Mrs Cluckestein
Meet all the chickens! Made by the talented readers of Inside Crochet magazine.
Created from my "Ms Clarice" crochet pattern! It has proven to be very popular :)
Photo: Bought the latest issue yesterday and made Clarice today for my friend's Hen Do tomorrow.
A Clarice, off  to a Hen-party!

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