Guest clucks!

So, in our original cluck-along, it was not only Cecily who hatched (Shhhh...was crocheted)! A whole host of other wonderful clucks also emerged. One of whom, is darling petite little Opal. She lives in Colorado, with my lovely rav-sis Terry.
Blossom visited dear Terry and Opal, and had a lovely time with them. In turn, she invited Opal to come and stay with her at no 7 Cluckways, in dear Blighty :)
So, Opal did just that! But, prior to coming to the UK, she got engaged to the handsome and debonair Frank!!! And they came via LA, and met dear Chickie (also knitted for the cluck-along)!!! And guess what???! F&O got married in LA in a church, all thanks to dear rav-sis Anne!!!!

As well as dear F&O, a handsome shy single (but not for long!) rooster called Rocky visited our coop, all the way from lovely South Yorkshire. He lives with my lovely rav-sis Diane!

And not only that, but two darling little chicks, Charlie & his little sis Clara, also came to our coop, to meet everyone, from gorgeous scenic Cumbria! They live with dear rav-sis Ann! LOL! I hope you are with me so far.... it is rather a lot of clucky information to take in! Hopefully the pics will help :)

                                                    Frank & Opal in the garden
                                                       Darling little Charlie & Clara from Cumbria
                                                                   F&O's nuptials
                                                     Chickie from LA in in gorgeous Middleton -Teesdale
                                                   Chickie in the snow! In her bespoke cowl and hat from the exclusive Maison Roselle!        


  1. How lovely! To see my darling Charlie & Clara on here - they had such fun visiting you & all the clucks! I like the idea of 'Maison Roselle!' - very chic! xxx

    1. Thanks dear pal :) I have lots more pics to post, I'm thinking of a page, devoted to each guest cluck, too!
      Tee hee! it is where Opal and Chickie shop! Opal likes the classic "petite poul" range, and Chickie, the more cutting edge "Cluckoiselle" range! xxx