Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another pattern published!

Good afternoon, dear readers :)

All I can say is, that crochet publication-wise, it's been a productive year! Just had the intense pleasure, of seeing my 7th pattern in print! Many thanks to Inside Crochet magazine, for giving me the chance to showcase my work.

Also many thanks to my wonderful hubby, for encouraging me, to submit my work, in the first place! and many thanks to all my wonderful friends and family, for all their love and support.

I'm ashamed to admit, I have a very very large stash of yarn, and crafting stuff! so, this latest pattern, a gingerbread house, was designed, to use up colourful oddments of yarn, and buttons or any other embellishment, the crafter may have. I'm happy to say, I busted a fair amount of stash making it :)

The pics are from Inside Crochet magazine


Gingerbread_02_small2   Gingerbread_01_small2