Cyril, a Ruffle butt rooster

OK! So, I wanted to make a contented hen, in a flower garden!!!
But, it ended up as a feisty wee rooster (a bantam) DH says he looks like Cyril! In a garden, but with dust bath and muddy chicken patch included!!!! (I’m still working on the “garden”.
LOL! The best laid plans of mice & men…. or in this case women! That said, I’m glad he is a rooster, and a spirited chap at that, as he has totally stolen my heart!!!
I free-formed him, so I did not write the pattern, as I kept changing my mind. Will try to make another, to see if I remember how I did it!
The wee blanket/garden is big enough to cover baby and the rooster is there to provide fun!


  1. How do I go about getting the pattern for Cyril The ruffle butt rooster

  2. I know a gal that wants me to make this for her collection