Mr Tristan New-Egg Esq

Meet Tristan New-egg (Tyrannic Nemesis to his friends!!) He is seventeen, and Cecily’s boyfriend! 
He is the lead guitarist in a band called Entrails!!!!! He thinks Cecily is a “really hot chick” With a mega snog-able (Kissable) beak!!!!!! 
As well as Cecily, he loves his music, his AWESOME comb-do, and his mum’s corn-bread! 
His dream is to open for Iron maiden, next time they are on tour!!!!! 
He really wants a biker jacket-type of thing, so I shall try and make one, once I find my black yarn!


  1. Mighty Handsome Chap!!! Bet Miss Blossom and Miss Cecily fight over this Brute!!!;)
    Great crochet designs and crochet!!! I have always LOved these Bird~Friends... patterns are so hard to find!! Patti

  2. Once again, THANK YOU! It is so lovely to see positive feedback :-)I shall endeavour to design a woolly cluck, for you, and write the pattern! Just finishing off another project for IC magazine! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to tell what it is! Hugs xxx