Miss Blossom Bright-Feather

Meet wee Blossom Bright-Feather! She has recently moved into a coop, near Cecily! Blossom is a bit of an army-brat, and has lived all over the world! Her mum and dad are bantams; hence the petite stature! But what she lacks in size, she makes up for, in personality! 
She loves travelling, and experiencing new cultures! She is a free-spirit, who takes a holistic approach to life! As well as yoga, she does reiki too! Apart from her mum and dad, she loves sunshine, sandy beaches, surfing and wild-flowers! 
Cecily thinks she is AWESOME, and very knowledgeable, as she can speak/cluck in 6 different languages!


  1. Thank you! I never realised she would be so popular!