Saturday, 26 July 2014

Clarice Chocolate Noisette; RAF reservist????!

At the mo, our annual air show is on, over the weekend. And, as it was a nice summer evening, DH and I decide to go and enjoy the fireworks, and soak in the atmosphere. And guess who decided to come with!!! None other that the esteemed Ms Clarice!

Mistress of all she surveys!

Rather disappointingly, the weather closed in, and we got a blanket of thick low cloud! But there lots of fun and interesting demos and stalls.
More power!!!

Stationed at  the RAF reservist tent, was a lovely chap called Alfie Hall, a Flight Lt , none the less!!! He was very charmed by Calrice, and get this he can actually crochet!!!!! Clarice and I were amazed and delighted!
Does this body armour make me look fat????

Alfie very kindly posed for a pic with us, and has given me his e-mail, so he can send Clarice a badge! clarice picked up some leaflets and a CD, she and now Tristan and Cecily are seriously considering becoming RAF reservists..... so will you tell them, or shall I, that erm.... these chaps eat chicken.....
This would make a FAB nest!!!!

Alfie, Moi & Clarice!

This looks interesting.......

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blossom talking!!!

A darling video of little Blossom talking, made by my pal Zoe! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Now as you all know (or should do, if you've been reading my blog!) my wee woolly, but feisty independent cluck Ms Blossom Bright-Feather, has been on her UK tour of friendship. Her last port of call was Walsall, to visit world famous DJ LOLLY C!!!

Apart from going to Lolly's allotment, and feasting on bugs galore, and dust bathing to her hear's content, Blossom got to go to an EXTREME METAL GIG!!!! I know, I can hardly believe it myself!!!

Here, she got to meet Hot Guy (a band member from Nottingham) get a lovely cuddle from the lovely Nic (the reviewer) nearly got her head bitten off by crazy DJ Eddie Mayhem! She even got to help frisk and collect money, from the gig-goers....

And the piece de resistance was Blossom getting to actually DJ, yep, a wee woolly chicken, getting to DJ , in the uber cool club,  ROCK ZOMBIE, with the DJ Anthony!!! 

And to top it off, she woke up next morning, in the digs of another DJ, with NO recollection of how she got there...... or what had transpired since...... ;->

I asked blossom to describe her time in walsall, she replied ERMAGERD!!!! EPIC!!! AMAZABALLS!!!! LOL! I'm kinda inclined to agree!

With Lolly C

With Hot Guy

The lovely Nic

DJ Eddie Mayhem

Frisking and collecting monies

In Rock Zombie, with Anthony

Monday, 7 July 2014


My little travelling woolly friendship cluck, Blossom Bright-Feather has just returned from the start of her tour of the UK. She had been staying with world famous Midlands Metal heads DJ, Lolly C!!!

And by all accounts, had an AMAZABALLS time!!!! It is Blossom's favourite new word! LOL! She even with with Lolly, to an extreme metal gig... got to pose with lots of cool folk, and woke up in the flat of another DJ, and is very foggy on the details.... Ooo er missus!!!

On Saturday, the postie handed me an clucking vibrating parcel, as soon as I opened it, our sprang Blossom!!! She was fed-up of being cooped up in her travel coop, and just wanted to stretch her wings!!! she received a warm and clucky welcome, from her BFFs Tristan & Cecily!

Along with Bloss, there was also a darling yellow chick "Chicklet" come all the way from Suffolk (when Bloss stayed with dear Joy) and and a bumble bee called Bump! All the way from Purley on Thames, Bloss met Bump, when she stayed with the lovely Jules!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Piercings & Body Art!

Well my word!!! It’s all gone rather mad and manic since the clucks learnt that dear Blossom is en-route home!!! Tristan and Cecily have decided to celebrate by going to their favourite tattoo parlour (yep, chickens do have’em; well, woolly ones do!) Coop-De- Ink and get some new piercings….
Cecily got a second one in her beak and got her comb done too, and Tristan also got another comb Piercing, so he has five now!!! Lord have mercy, they are even considering more! I heard a whispered conversation about breasts…
And to top it off, Cecily pinched my Iron Maiden T-shirt out of the clean washing pile, and put it on. Mind you, she is not happy with the pics I took; says she looks fat! I’m rather inclined to agree…. ;-)
Clucks in a hammock!

Clucks in a hammock!