Saturday, 26 July 2014

Clarice Chocolate Noisette; RAF reservist????!

At the mo, our annual air show is on, over the weekend. And, as it was a nice summer evening, DH and I decide to go and enjoy the fireworks, and soak in the atmosphere. And guess who decided to come with!!! None other that the esteemed Ms Clarice!

Mistress of all she surveys!

Rather disappointingly, the weather closed in, and we got a blanket of thick low cloud! But there lots of fun and interesting demos and stalls.
More power!!!

Stationed at  the RAF reservist tent, was a lovely chap called Alfie Hall, a Flight Lt , none the less!!! He was very charmed by Calrice, and get this he can actually crochet!!!!! Clarice and I were amazed and delighted!
Does this body armour make me look fat????

Alfie very kindly posed for a pic with us, and has given me his e-mail, so he can send Clarice a badge! clarice picked up some leaflets and a CD, she and now Tristan and Cecily are seriously considering becoming RAF reservists..... so will you tell them, or shall I, that erm.... these chaps eat chicken.....
This would make a FAB nest!!!!

Alfie, Moi & Clarice!

This looks interesting.......


  1. That Clarice! She couldn't resist a man in uniform could she?!!! ;D
    Hugs, Bethany

    1. ROFLOL!!! No, she couldn't! Alfie looks pretty chuffed to! He was such a sport, to pose for the pic! i still need to make the goat (troop mascot) that I promised, I'd have a go at. Hugs xxxx