Monday, 1 September 2014

Trophies from feather club....

Oh dear and it all started out so well.....

As it was one of those rare weekends, where DH was not working, and the sun was shining, we decided to have a day out. In the countryside; Hamsterly Forest, to be precise.

Now, Tristan, Cecily and Blossom (my other woolly clucks) have already been to Hamsterly, and highly recommend it! They say one can find some absolutely delicious bugs, in the leaf litter, and the wild berries are par excellence!

So, Clarice decided to come with us. We packed a picnic lunch, and off we went. We parked in the car park, and had a bite to eat, before going for a wander.

Clarice hopped out of the car, chatted to a friendly wee robin, and then shared a bug or two with a wren! Then, a gorgeous emperor dragon fly flew down, with tiny gossamer wigged fairy on his back!
Clarice had a nice beak-wag with her too, all the woolly clucks are great friends, with the fairies, they regularly chat to the ones, which live in their garden! She even met a Gruffalo!!!

Having finished our lunch, DH & I were ready for our walk. Clarice hopped into my bum-bag, and off we went. DH took lots of nice pics and we both had great fun, just soaking the beauty of nature :)

Then, Clarice spied a log with some mushrooms on. It was nice and rotted, and covered in moss. Clarice feasted on a few poor, unfortunate grubs. and had a peck at the shrooms.

After that she proceeded to sample each and every fungus she came across... this was not a problem, until she found a red-spotted one....a fly agaric.

Now, as we all know, these mushrooms are not meant to eaten! Not even by a woolly cluck (they can eat most things!) But would she listen to me????! Would she heck! She took a large beakful, and swallowed... her pupils dilated, and and she started to ruffle her feathers.....

Before could I do anything, she launched herself at an unsuspecting sparrow-hawk, and proceed to wrestle with it!!!! It was quite a sight to see. After subduing it, she plucked a feather out of it, and stuck it in the top of her head!!!! I just stared at her, quite afraid to do anything. She then head-butted a poor unsuspecting wood pigeon, and once again collected a feather! After that she was nice and quiet, and even foraged for a few bugs, and posed for some cute pics! She even chatted to an elderly gentleman and his wife, and was surprisingly, as good as gold!

Then, she found another red-spotty mushroom, and before I could stop her, she started pecking at it, the naughty wee cluck!!!

Well, that was that, she saw a magpie, and that was it! She launched herself at it, like a small woolly enraged rocket (if there is such a thing???!) and knocked 7 bells out of it!!! And, yes, once again, took a feather from the poor bird, as a trophy.... well, that was quite enough, I scooped her up, squawking and protesting though she was, and put her into my bag, to have some time-out.

It seemed to do the trick, and she went to sleep. DH & I enjoyed the rest of out walk, in perfect pace and tranquillity :)


  1. What a naughty little chook!! Devil inside feathers!!! xooxox

    1. I couldn't have put it better myself!! Well said! xoxo

  2. Love all your writings!! :) xoxoox

    1. Thanks so much! Keep looking, as these cookies have lots of adventures! xoxox

  3. That cheeky Clarice! Who knew she had such warrior skills?!!! And now, trophies to prove her conquests!!! :D
    Hugs, Bethany

    1. Oh these woolly clucks look like "butter wouldn't melt" but they are feisty wee things!!! And can be quite unpredictable... ;-) Hugs xxxx