When dear Rocky came on holiday to no 7 Cluckways, little did he know, that he would meet the love of his life sweetie!!!
Sweeite, is the little sister of Skittles & Sparkle! She hatched last :)
Rocky, a rather shy but very handsome chap, “met” a lot of lady clucks, but fell for darling sweetie as soon as he saw her! They had their first date in the Viburnum bush!!!
The rest as they say, is history! Rocky proposed; Sweetie accepted! now, sweetie has gone to live in south Yorkshire, with dear Rocky, in his coop!
Both of them skype regularly, with all the clucks at no 7!


  1. Aww... to be a Cluck in LOve....

    1. Yes, they are really romantic, I suppose it because they are made out of yarn!!! LOL! :)