Monday, 7 July 2014


My little travelling woolly friendship cluck, Blossom Bright-Feather has just returned from the start of her tour of the UK. She had been staying with world famous Midlands Metal heads DJ, Lolly C!!!

And by all accounts, had an AMAZABALLS time!!!! It is Blossom's favourite new word! LOL! She even with with Lolly, to an extreme metal gig... got to pose with lots of cool folk, and woke up in the flat of another DJ, and is very foggy on the details.... Ooo er missus!!!

On Saturday, the postie handed me an clucking vibrating parcel, as soon as I opened it, our sprang Blossom!!! She was fed-up of being cooped up in her travel coop, and just wanted to stretch her wings!!! she received a warm and clucky welcome, from her BFFs Tristan & Cecily!

Along with Bloss, there was also a darling yellow chick "Chicklet" come all the way from Suffolk (when Bloss stayed with dear Joy) and and a bumble bee called Bump! All the way from Purley on Thames, Bloss met Bump, when she stayed with the lovely Jules!


  1. The crowd is expanding! Your family is growing!!!
    Hugs, Bethany

    1. Yes! And Brian doesn't seem in least bit perturbed... yet!!! Tee hee! he has no choice! ;-) xxxx