Thursday, 3 July 2014

Piercings & Body Art!

Well my word!!! It’s all gone rather mad and manic since the clucks learnt that dear Blossom is en-route home!!! Tristan and Cecily have decided to celebrate by going to their favourite tattoo parlour (yep, chickens do have’em; well, woolly ones do!) Coop-De- Ink and get some new piercings….
Cecily got a second one in her beak and got her comb done too, and Tristan also got another comb Piercing, so he has five now!!! Lord have mercy, they are even considering more! I heard a whispered conversation about breasts…
And to top it off, Cecily pinched my Iron Maiden T-shirt out of the clean washing pile, and put it on. Mind you, she is not happy with the pics I took; says she looks fat! I’m rather inclined to agree…. ;-)
Clucks in a hammock!

Clucks in a hammock!


  1. Ha ha ha! Piercings! Do I see ammunition too? :D
    Hugs, Bethany

    1. Yes! It is an earring Bri made for himself, before meeting me...He gave it to me, but then Tristan bagged it!
      And then, of course, Cecily (his GF) had to get her beak pierced...and as they say, that was that! xxxx