Sunday, 27 October 2013


Ok, so now you can see why I'm currently on a cute but creepy roll! LOL! With this neat set up (well I think it is!) it's kind of to be expected : ) Our dining room and living room, are currently being given a cool atmosphere, courtesy of Miss Puffball spinny, and our cute pumpkin lights e.t.c! It makes for a lovely cosy feel on a blustery autumn evening.

My latest creepy but cute cosy! Hiding under it, is my spotty green teapot!


  1. Cute!! I wish I could knock on the screen and then come and have tea with you there!!

    1. That would be neat! You would have two teapots fighting over who gets to serve you!!! Now, if only we could perfect cyber travel.... xxx

    2. Or got the Apparating licence, as in Harry Potter!!! LOL

  2. LOL! I would get splinched, for sure! Mind you I could do with visiting Madam Pomfrey, she could grow me some new parathyroids and get rid of this darn bug!