Friday, 1 November 2013


Well, we had a nice quiet Halloween! I managed to bake; a coffin cake and sugar cookies. And I made some spooky jellies! ;) Despite having a rather nasty virus.

The weather was really horrid; very windy and pouring with rain. So, no trick or treaters were out. we watched horror movies and feasted on the yummy goodies!

LOL! The woolly clucks gate-crashed our private party! They had been to see REVENGE OF THE ROTISSERIE part 2!
Everyone who went to see it (it was screened in an abandoned abattoir!) was dressed in character!!!  Cecily went as the heroine Olivia Oven-Ready, Blossom as one of the "victims" and Tristan was the mad evil chef....
Have a happy first day of November!

Regarding the excavated coffin cake...
Wondering if they should dust bathe in the "soil"!!!
Alien Autopsy jelly!
Face Goulash!!! Mmmm.... yummy!!!
Our Pumpkin carved by DH

All dressed up for Halloween



  1. We had rain, too! But it was warm, so trick or treaters were there :) It was my DH's birthday, too, and he didn't want a cake, but his favorite treat-lemon meringue pie :) :) :)

  2. Oh, a belated happy birthday to him! He has great taste! For my birthday, 5 yrs ago, I made Key-Lime pie! LOL! I put a few candles on it!!! My B-day is in the summer, and it was pretty hot! :)

  3. LOL
    Oh, and what cool party for all your Clucks!! How they look at all the yummy treats!!! LOL !!!!!

  4. Thanks! LOL! It felt more lie we were the guests.... the clucks were in charge! ;)