Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas is coming!

Today, we had our first snow of this winter! As it was nice and sunny, it did not lie. There is a festive air in the erm... air! On Saturday, we started our Christmas present shopping. As we have family and friends dotted around the globe, we tend to start early, in order to get parcels posted off!

On our travels, we came across this quirky ornament!!! LOL! Any one who knows me, knows I'm utterly MAD about anything Gallus domesticus related (chickens!). So, I simply had to have it!
I also managed to bake my Christmas cake yesterday :) It is now safely in it's tin, waiting to be "fed" until Christmas :)


  1. Oh, WOW!! What cake is that? Where can I find a recipe? And the ornament is cute :)))

  2. Thank you! It is a fruit cake. A traditional (ish) Christmas cake! LOL! I use a basic recipe, then I tend to improvise, and stuff it to the gills with different fruits and nuts! I'll send you the one I use.It is pretty easy :) LOL! I know, it is very me, don'y you think?! :D