Thursday, 7 November 2013

November crochet

Well, it is definitely getting colder. There is a fierce wind outside and the leaves are being shaken off the trees! The nights are drawing in, and my thoughts have turned to warmth and cosiness. LOL! While testing one of my patterns, (for a baby's cardigan) I made a hat for myself! It must have been my cold head, sending subliminal messages to my hands....

Then, this afternoon, I decided to start a new sweater. DH got me some gorgeous yarn last weekend. I love the colours and texture. Not sure how this design will end up looking, I tend to free-form/free-think as I work! But, one thing is for sure; it is going to be a SWEATER!



  1. Lovely projects, Rosella! I can't wait until my birthday - I know there's yarn hidden in the basement by my DS!

  2. Thank you! That is so sweet, of him! Yarn makes such a neat/fun gift :)