Tuesday, 13 May 2014

AWOL for ages!

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Gosh, where to start?! So, once again my health has been a pain in the proverbial, hence the lack of posting. Apart from this..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! I've had my first ever patterns published in the wonderful magazine that is Inside Crochet :) I'm beyond thrilled.
Last year, on a whim (after my friends and DH had been telling me to do so for months prior) I screwed up my courage, and sent in the pattern and a few pics of my New Dawn sweater. Claire, the editor of the mag and a total sweet-heart to boot, loved my design, and commissioned me to make the garment. It was like a dream come true :) Not only did ,my pattern get published, but, I bagged the cover!!! It was the most wonderful surprise, getting the mag in the post!!! I had no idea!

Then, I sent in another of my designs, my lovely lacy Alpina top (inspired by the gorgeous clematis Alpina, which grows over our deck -porch. Claire loved that too! Luckily, I had the garment already made up! This has been published in the current issue of IC magazine.

LOL! Now even DH acknowledges, that I've got a fledgling career as a crochet designer! It suits me brilliantly, as I can work from home, in my own time, despite my health problems. And since I LOVE crochet, and am utterly addicted to it, and am always scribbling down all the millions of ideas I keep getting, I should be at it, for quite a while :)

Plus, I have an obscene amount of yarn (LOL! It is one of my few vices, as I neither drink or smoke) which needs using up ;)

Here are some official pics, courtesy of Inside Crochet magazine. The Orange top is the New Dawn, and lovely pink one is the Alpina.




  1. Your pattern looks fabulous!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!!

  2. Congratulations! I need to pick up a copy.

  3. Thanks dear pals! I'm going to put the pattern in my rav store in both British and American terms, in a couple of months. It is great, as I still own the copyright on my designs!