Friday, 16 May 2014

Garden love!

Ask me, how much I am loving this weather???! And how much I love my little, over-grown but brilliant for wild-life, corner of heaven! And I will reply, " no words can suffice" :))) It is a gorgeous golden early summer's day, the kind, I have only ever experienced in England!

I've been out, shutter-bugging! The pond is full of sun-bathing frogs, the sky alive with the most gorgeous bird-songs and the buzz of bumble bees! And the air, soft and sunny, and sweetly perfumed, by all the flowers! Sheer unadulterated BLISS!!!


  1. I imagine the fragrances are heavenly!!!!! :D

  2. It's so beautiful and I know you are enjoying it!

  3. Isn't it just :) I'm just going to finish my computer admin! Then I'm off out into the garden! Have a blessed weekend xxx