Friday, 20 February 2015

It's a girl!!!!!

Good morning! I have some wonderful news :) Now you all know dear Squawks (she is married to the dashing Septimus) and they have adopted darling little Milly, Molly and of course, Harry?!

The look of LOVE....

Well, earlier this month, Squawks laid an egg.... After much consideration and discussion, she and Septimus decided to "candle" it. Till, now, every single egg, had proven to be infertile. So much so, they had been  discussing the adoption of another chick.

A day out, with pal Cecily & the chicks!

Anyhow, for the first time ever, the egg contained an embryo!!!! Squawks and Septimus were over-joyed, but also; very trepidatious. They decided not to say anything, to anyone.

Squawks duly sorted out a comfy nest-box, fluffed up all her feathers, and settled onto the egg, to brood it... She was in a dreadful mood, and hissed at anyone who even came near her!!! Even poor Septimus got pecked, when he tried to preen her.... It was all he could do, to encourage her to have a bite to eat, and make her toilette, when she needed to....

But, it was all worth it in the end :) The egg started to "pip" in the early hours of Valentine's day! And at 10.50 am, tiny little Ophelia Henrietta Velvet-Comb emerged!!!!

A mother's love...

Pretty in pink!

Squawks says, to date, this has been the most earth-shattering , yet the tenderest moment, of her life!

The little family are all busy getting to know each other :) The little chicks all love their tiny sibling :)


  1. Ophelia Henrietta Velvet-Comb so precious!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm inclined to agree :) xxx