Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Clucks in Cornwall?

Good morning, dear readers!

The weather has finally improved, and the sun is actually out! The trees are full of buds, ready to burst into leaf and blossom, and the garden is alive with bird-song :) In short; Spring is starting!

The woolly clucks have been feeling rather cooped-up and restless. On Monday, they joined me on the sofa, while I watched the new version of Poldark, on BBC I-Player. I don't know who sighed more; me or they! The scenery was absolutely breath-taking!!! The acting is very good,too. The characters are all very well fleshed-out.

And the best part; there were three scenes, containing chickens, in the programme! Since then, the clucks (and I ) have decided, a holiday to Cornwall is a MUST! None of us, except Blossom, has ever been there, and that fact must be remedied.

So, this morning, Cecily & Co have been Googling holiday parks/cottages,  and trying to find a nice place to stay! It has to be woolly cluck friendly, of course! LOL!

Lucky Blossom has already been Cornwall, when she stayed with the lovely Jo Barlow, and her gorgeous hens. She even went to St.Ives, for a picnic! Lucky cluck, she gets out more than I do! But, she says, she wants to see more of the area!

All I can say is, watch this space....;-)

Ready steady...Google!

The Eden project is a must see, especially for the clucks; it has a GREAT bug 'a'la'carte menu!

Cecily, using the integral mouse! She is better at it, than I!

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