Friday, 27 March 2015

Limpets, seaweed, and a very sticky beak!

A couple of weeks ago, it was a dull and windy Saturday (I hear you ask, what else is new?!) and neither I nor the clucks had been out for ages.
I, on account of a rather nasty dose of flu, and clucks; well that was just due to general apathy and laziness!!!

Anyhow, I digress. So,it was felt, a trip to the beach was in order, to blow the cobwebs away! Blossom was getting her claws done (yes, these woolly clucks are very image concious!) Penelope was was busy making worm & sweet corn soup (Squawks, and Co were coming over for dinner).

Tristan & Cecily were spending some rare quality time together, preening! Well, he has been away rather a lot, doing gigs with his band, and poor Cecily has been been feeling rather neglected.

So, that just left Clarice, who is always game, to go exploring...

So, we all wrapped up warmly; Clarice made sure she donned her woolly but stylish bonnet, grabbed a basket for any foraged goodies, and off we went!

Ready to start foraging!

I'm sure, there is a skull behind me...

Despite the dull grey sky, and freezing wind, the beach was wonderful!Nothing like the sharp fresh salty smell of sea air, to wake one up! We saw a flock of adorable plovers, some black headed gulls, herring gulls, and even a greater black backed gull (very large, and rather scary,to poor Clarice!).

Mistress of all she surveys!

DH & I wandered along the beach looking for old bottle tops (we found none!) and Clarice had a whale of a time, or should that be cluck of a time, foraging!

Now for some food...

Beady eyed scrutiny, in progress!

Plies of seaweed were gleefully scratched in, rock pools scrutinised via beady eye, and limpets and winkles. mercilessly pecked, by a woolly, but persistent, and surprisingly sharp beak...
I'm gonna get you little limpet...

Now, Clarice had promised to bring back some goodies for the other clucks; hence the basket. And, she did collect some critters, but, on the way home, we heard slurping, and gulping sounds coming from the back seat, and by the time we got home, all that was left was a pile of empty shells, and one very sticky beaked woolly cluck!!!


  1. Not the warmest day to be on the beach, but the sun was out.

    1. True!! But it blew the cobwebs away!

  2. What a nice day! Can't wait to read about Clarice's next clucky adventure!!! :) xoxoox

    1. It sure was! Keep looking, these clucks love having adventures :-) xoxoxox

  3. Love your writing!!! (Y) XOX

    1. Thank you! It's the clucks, they just have to be written about ;-) xxx