Thursday, 9 April 2015

Is this a cushion I see behind me?

Good morning, dear readers! It is a gorgeously sunny day, but there is a fierce and freezing wind blowing. Still, that's not bad for the end of March, in dear Blighty :)

Any how, now for some egg-citing news! I've just had my 8th & 9th crochet patterns published in the wonderful magazine, that is inside crochet! A smocked cushion, and my Hens of Happiness!

The hens had been taking to Clarice (my super model woolly cluck, who appeared in issue 54 of Inside Crochet magazine last year) and, they decided, while being a decorative garland, on my dresser, is very nice, they wanted more from life!!!
Fun, egg-citement (well, they are chickens after all) and glamour...And, they got all three, when they visited dear Claire, and got to model in a world famous crochet magazine :)
All the hen pics are official pics from Inside Crochet magazine.
They were as good as gold, and never clucked once!
Don't we look lovely :)

Model hens!

So, they hopped into a jiffy bag, clucking happily, and off to the post-office they went!

Now, on Friday, I got my copy of the magazine, in the post, and was thrilled to see my cushion looking lovely and fresh, and the hens, looking proud as punch, gracing its pages :)

The woolly clucks also poured over the pages, clucking with pleasure, at all the lovely featured patterns.
Tristan seemed rather confused, he was sure the cushion in the mag, looked rather familiar...Erm, yes, Tris, that is the very same cushion, you are resting against!
Are those buttons edible???!

Clarice: Sigh, I was modelling in this very same magazine (issue 54) only last year....How time flies!

I'm sure I've seen that cushion, before...
Official cushion pic, from IC magazine.

Bless him, he is a lovely roo, and very good looking; just not the brightest! LOL! ;-D