Monday, 27 October 2014

Clucks go camping

A few weeks ago, we decided to go camping. In beautiful Middlton Tees Dale. DH & I have been coming here since we first met! As ever, a few woolly clucks decided to accompany us!

Blossom, was not going to come, but decided to, at the last minuet. Little Penelope Peck-a-lot, (my first ever teacup chicken) also graced us with her presence! She has never been away from home, so she was very eggcited (sorry, couldn't resist that one!!!). Clarice came too :)

Middleton is not far from where we live, so we got to the camp-site at lunch time. After having some sandwiches, and juice, we put the tent up! All around us, the birds were singing, sheep were baa-ing, and  the distant moorland beckoned.

Once we had put the tent up, we went for a walk to the village. The clucks stayed behind, and foraged for bugs. They had a chat with the friendly local birds, too! Blossom was regaling them, with tales of her many adventures in the USA.

The next day, we went to Lake District. It was a few hours drive away. All the clucks came with us! Neither Penny, Blossom nor Clarice had ever been to Keswick! Tryistan & Cecily my other woolly clucks have; and highly recommend it!

We all had a lovely time, peeping into all the lovely shops. I got some yarn and a crochet hook (I'd left mine at home, and really wanted to do some evening-crochet). DH got a light for the tent, and a travel-size game of Ludo!

While on out travels, we spied a lovely looking shop :) It was full of lovely brightly coloured sheep-related items, and a few brightly coloured sheep, too :) The name was pretty neat too "Herdy"
After the hardy herdwick sheep, indigenous to the Lake District. I had a lovely chat with the lovely Kat, behind the counter, and introduced her to the clucks!!! She loved all of them, and has requested a pattern for Blossom, so so she can crochet her own wee woolly cluck! I was beyond thrilled!!! She very kindly agreed for a pic, with the clucks, for posterity :)
Lovely Kat, with the clucks!
After looking around Keswic, we started out journey home. We passed through numerous quaint villages, and glorious open countryside. We stopped to stretch our legs at the Whitesyke and Bentyfield mines.
There was an interesting ruin, of an old building, where the miners who were too far from home, to keep coming and going to the mines, used to lodge. The upper potion was the lodging, the lower; the smithy/forge.

Clarice (top), Blossom (next) & little Penny (bottom), on a drystone wall!

The clucks had a jolly good peck around, and found a lovely rotted stump, full of juicy bugs!!! Yum! They love dry stone walls, as the crevices, between the stones are just perfect, to poke their wee woolly beaks into!

After a lovely hot supper of sausages and beans (a must when camping!) DH & I played a game of Ludo with the clucks! They beat us!!!! Enough said.


  1. Its was a good day with no rain as they tend to put on a lot of weight when wet, without eating the cakes.

    1. Lol! Very true! Wet wool and stuffing is heavy :-) xxxx