Saturday, 4 October 2014

Drunk & disorderly or Scotland part 2!

I knew it was too good to be true! All the way up to Scotland, and even upon arriving, the Clucks had been as good as gold! After checking in, to our lovely log cabin, and having a bit of a rest, we decided to go and explore the lovely little village, near where, we were staying. It was very quaint, set at the side of lovely Loch Long.

All of us were very well received :) Clucks, included! We had a lovely chat with the locals, while getting some fish & chips for tea.
Beak-wagging with the friendly folk,  Blossom & Clarice soon started to pick up the dialect! And they were thrilled with the fact, that a lot of the ladies were called HEN! LOL! ;)

Coming home in the car, I heard Blossom say to Clarice " Och, we're a' Jock Tamson's bairns.... To which Clarice replied sagely "Aye".

Apart form the Clucks shouting "Haud yer wheesht" at a noisy owl, that evening, it was all pretty calm and quiet. DH & I had a dip in hot-tub, and watched the moon rise, and Blossom & Clarice sat on the deck, and feasted on "wee beasties"!

The next day, DH &  I went for a hill walk. We were out all day, the Clucks stayed home, and got some beauty sleep :)

It was the day after, it went horribly wrong.....

The day started like all the others; hot and sunny. We decided, it was time for a road trip. The first stop was beautiful Inveraray. Another gorgeous place, with a castle, and once again, like most places in Scotland; situated by a gorgeous loch. Loch Fyne.
Gorgeous loch Fyne

Inveraray in the distance!
Inveraray Castle

I simply loved the quaint shops! After shopping for some presents and postcards, DH decided to check out the Whisky shop....

Loch Fyne Whiskies The proprietor was very polite, and started to tell DH, about the various types of Whisky.
He also poured out a few wee samples... now, of course, the Clucks were with us, and when offered a "wee dram" felt it rude, to refuse. "Och, aye, I'll cock a wee finger" said Blossom, when offered a glass, Clarice, nodded in agreement.

Big mistake.... Clucks and booze just do NOT mix! After starting to hiccup, and giggle, things turned nasty. A tall thin chap came into the shop, and started staring at the Clucks. "Awa' an bile yer heid" said Blossom, rather rudly!
He took offence, and muttered something rude. That was it, before we could stop them, both Blossom & Clarice, flew over, and started sticking the"heid" and, beak in!!!

Before we knew it, the police came and carted us all off to Inveraray jail.... we were horrified.

Waiting to be sentenced....

Trying not to worry too much!

Waiting for our turn in the "dock"

Despite me not touching even one drop of Whisky, I too was sent to jail :((((

Bloss & Clarice with their cell-mate, prisoner No 6

Behind bars! Help! I'm innocent!!!!

DH was really naughty, and kept grinning at the jailer....

DH & the Clucks were sentenced to hard labour, I was sent to work in the kitchen. Naughty Clarice soon became the jailer's pet, and even got to birch poor Blossom, when she was rude to the jailer....
Dreaming of freedom....

Getting mangled!!!
Cluck-e-cluck with the jailer........
 Wee traitor!
Still grinning! Despite the hard work!
In the doctor's office....
Poor Blossom looks horrified!

Cell block!
Once we had served our time, we were all released! As the clucks say "It's a sair fecht!


  1. What a terrific tale! I was sucked right into the jail scenario - soooo exciting - & what beautiful photographs!
    I have never known such adventurous & feisty 'wee hens' such as this pair before! When Blossom stayed here with us, you'd have thought butter wouldn't melt! LOL! Thank you for all the fun! I really enjoyed reading about your exploits & it seems to me that you all had one peck of a - SORRY that should be - heck of a good holiday (hee hee) with some super memories to boot! :o)

    1. Glad you like it! Honestly, these woolly clucks are a really badinfluence on each other...they "egg" each other on!!!
      Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one! One cluck by him/herself ; fine! More than one together, and that is it!!! Feather start to fly!
      Stay tuned, there is a part 3! Cluck! Cluck! xxxx

  2. OMG!!! Ha ha ha! This was great Rosella! Those clucks of yours were really out of control!
    Hugs, Bethany

    1. I know!!! I blame Bri, he leads them astray!!! ;-) xxxx