Friday, 10 October 2014

Clucks on the throne.... Or Scotland; the final part!

Our final and most regal stop, was the beautiful Stirling. A major strategic garrison town. Full to the brim, with the most beautiful ornate and regal buildings!!! It had a unique atmosphere, modern, juxtaposed with medieval.

Brian & the clucks soon found a whisky shop....though thank heavens, they only window shopped! After a wee wander through the town centre (where I stocked up on some yummy craft supplies) and a bite to eat, we climbed the steep path to the magnificent Stirling Castle.

It was well worth the effort. Though the day was cloudy, the view was sill amazing. And to think, people, royalty in fact, actually used to live here.

The whole place has been refurbished in the original style, and it was lovely to see a sumptuous furnishings. Though I found a lot of the carvings to be rather gaudy! Less is definitely more, when it comes to paint!!! The tapestries were however, gorgeous.

Yummy big bug!
Donning head-dresses....

Bloss and Clarice had a lovely time "free-ranging" around the whole area! Everything was subject to scrutiny, via beady eye, and beak! well, woolly or not, they are chickens, and that how chickens investigate! Eye it up, and peck it! They even got to sit on the throne, yes, the throne, in the Queen's bed chamber!!!
By popular request, the lady -in-waiting, allowed them, very graciously, to take a pew!!!! all the other tourists including DH & I cheered! And lots of people too pics too :) I had a lovely chat with her, about sewing and embroidery, and the Clucks chatted to Polly, her tailor's dummy!
Some of the gaudy paint work!

On the royal bed!!!! Or er, missus....
A nice bit of woodwork!
One of the amazing tapestries.
Posing for pics!
Sitting on the queen's throne.....
Fifth Century needle case!
DH & I in the Great Hall, on thrones!!! With Clucks, of course!


  1. Ha ha! I can't believe I saw them in the bed! What a lovely place!

  2. Awesome blog! Can't wait to see what the clucks do next!!!

  3. A ripping yarn, had by all.

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :-) xxx

    2. We will follow your cluck post with interest as the story unfolds. Simon

    3. Thank you Simon! The clucks love travelling and having adventures, so keep checking :)