Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gingerbread past and present!

For the last few years, DH & I have been having great fun, making a gingerbread house, each Christmas eve. This year, we decided to make one early! So On Sunday, I baked the gingerbread. Still have to do the icing e.t.c. I just love the creative aspect of anything, to me gingerbread is simply a medium, through which I can express myself; like yarn! Plus, my gang of Woolly Clucks JUST LOVE golden syrup! (They always help in the festive baking process!).
 LOL! Not the best thing, if one has a woolly beak.....

Our wee creations over the past few yrs.

This one is from last year! LOL! I decided to make coop... complete with rickety little candy cane legs and a ramp! And no coop is complete, without a flock of chickens! Then they decided, they wanted chicks, who wanted scarves... and so on and so forth! LOL! Well, that is my excuse, any way ;)




Here are all the woollies helping with the baking! Rocky ( a handsome but shy gentle-rooster, visiting all the way from my friend's house in South Yorkshire) is manfully (roosterfully?) opening the tin of golden syrup for me!

                                                        Cecily is beating the mixture
                                                    Beady eyed inspection!

                                          Sharing a beater (best part of baking!)
                                          The net result of all that hard work! (BTW, all this baking led to a romance between dear Rocky and Sweetie, the pale green/chocolate cluck, with a lilac comb and bright red wings! Their romance will be documented soon, so keep looking!)

Here is our wee cottage from 2011



  1. What fun! Even little fishie helps licking the beaters! Can't wait to see this year gingerbread mansion.

    1. Thanks dear pal! That is Osmodion, he is Tristan & Cecily's fish! Being woolly, he can survive out of water and eat cookie dough!!! ;) LOL! It is hardly a mansion, more of a cottage, I'm going to ice it today. Then DH can take some pics :)