Monday, 23 December 2013

Rocky & Sweetie, a love story....

So, after meeting everyone, and inspecting the extension, Rocky was "set-up" with a fair number of single ladies!!! He had great fun, but never really "clicked" with anyone.
Some of the hens he met were either too flighty, or too serious. Squawks introduced him to one of her friends, Amelia (they work together at the Soft-Feather refuge, a rehabilitation facility, for freshly released ex-battery hens). But this lady was way too career orientated (which is a good thing). She made Rocky volunteer for a day at the refuge. It really opened his eyes. He had no idea, these poor girls have such dreadful lives.
Some of them were featherless. None had ever set foot on grass, or seen sunlight. Their combs and wattles were almost colourless. They were all so scared and confused. It almost broke his heart to see this level of pain/suffering, in a fellow creature. He was amazed to see how gently and compassionately, Amelia and Squawks welcomed and helped these desolate wee souls.

Then, he met Blossom's friend, Sweetcorn Sussex! She is a trend-setter!!! That day, she had died her comb in 3 clashing shades!!!! And splashed her feathers in a "Jackson Pollock" style!!! To be honest, poor Rocky could't get a word in edgeways!!! He just listened and occasionally, blinked, in a dazed fashion. Dazzled by this feisty liberated girl.

Just when he had given up, on ever finding love, and was catching some late winter sunshine (with Frank, Opal & their chicks) in the back garden, he saw a pair of vivid red wings flapping at the viburnum bush!!! Followed by a pair deep purple legs. Intrigued, he decided to investigate further.
It turns out, the legs and wings belonged to Sweetie (little sister of Skittles (Olympic chicken) and Sparkle (sparkly chicken! LOL! Hey it's the best I can come up with) who was foraging for berries with little Teddy, Opal's little son.              
It also transpired, that as well as being a pretty wee thing (lime green & chocolate feathers, with a lilac comb) Sweetie had the most amiable disposition! She had a soft clucking voice, and laughed at all of Rocky's jokes! And she was also a good listener. She and Rocky ended up foraging in the garden for hours, and even found a juicy hibernating spider to share (well, they are chickens after all).
 In short, Rocky and Sweetie fell in LOVE!!! As it was Christmas time, and the whole house was awash with decorations and pretty lights, there were plenty of opportunities for romantic interludes... ooh la la!



  1. I especially like that last photo with the candle glow!!! Swoon!

  2. I know!!! LOL! The woollies get more romance than we humans..... ;)

  3. WOW... LOve your story Rosella... Sure wish I was born a cluck!!;)