Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rocky comes to visit!

Last Christmas, a handsome, shy, gentle-rooster came to our coop (house). All the way from South Yorkshire, from my lovely friend, Diane's house! You see, he had already meet my woolly clucks via Skype (yes, believe it or not, woolly chickens chat via Skype all the time! That's modern technology for you; modern chickens too!).
Rocky has many lovely friends back home, but they are mainly teddy bears, Not much good if one wants to settle down, and fall in love...
So, he decided somewhat boldly, to come and visit us!!! My word you should have seen the eggcitement which ensued!!! A nest box was cleaned and made ready for him to sleep in, as was a perch!
The lady clucks styled their combs and put on beak-gloss!!! Well, yes, I know, they are chickens, but girls are girls, what ever their breed/biological classification ;) Cecily who is Tristan's girlfriend, phoned all the single friends, as did Blossom (currently unattached). Sparkle and Skittles did like-wise.
As it would happen, we had building work going on, regarding our extension. Rocky, being the intelligent chap that he is, cast a critical, somewhat beady eye over the work! I'm happy to say, he thought everything was fine!!! Phew! Who would think, a woolly cluck's opinion could count for so much!
Rock's welcome party
Chatting with Frank, who was visiting all the way from Colorado, with Opal!
Getting to know Tristan


  1. Your stories are beautiful, as are your wolly cluck friends (",)

  2. Thank you! I just love writing (can you tell?!) Plus the clucks just lend themselves to stories! They are very individual, and have definite personalities! And are pretty feisty, at that :)